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About Codemao

Founder of Codemao

Tianchi Li

Co-founder and CEO

Human Computer Interaction and Design Major Europen Institute of Innovation & Technology

Yue Sun

Co-founder and CTO

Human Computer Interaction and Design Major Europen Institute of Innovation & Technology

Leading youngster coding education in China

Codemao is the most influentiial programming education brand for children and teenagers in China. The company is commited to providing quality coding products and services for children and teenagers aged 3-18, including graphical coding platforms, and relevant courses. Students can use graphical coding language to create projects like games, softwares, animations and stories for the purpose of training their abilities of logical thinking, task dismantling, interdiciplinary connection, aesthetic and teamwork and setting up a solid foundation for STEAM education.

Height-Tech Company: Codemao has applied for more than 100 patents (including invention patents and appearance patents) and more than 400 copyrights for works created trhough its platforms since the company was established three years ago. In addition, the company has applied for national intellectual property protection for all its programs and obtained software copyright for 11 of them.

Big Events

  • Obtaining finance of $47 million from CMB International

    Codemao announced that it obtained new round of financeing mainly from CMB International.

  • Users exceeding 3 million

    Online users of Codemao firstly excedeed 3 million and continued to increase.

  • Launched the online 3D graphical programming platform

    Codemao launched Box, the online 3D graphical programming platform.

  • Users exceeding 100.000

    Online users of Codemao firstly exceeded 100.000.

  • Cooperation with public school

    Codemao started to cooperate with public school

  • Establishment

    Codemao was founded in Shanzen. In the same year, the graphical coding platform was bounched

Global Business Deployment

Investor View

Sheng Fu

CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc., China
I think that Codemao is doing an amazing job, or a great thing that helps the new generation learn establishing a new and different would view through coding and mathematics.

Quanling Zhang

CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc., China
In the area of AI, coding will be the first language of kids. Farsighted parents should lead their kids to programming.

Products & Services

Programming Tools

Kitten Editor

2D graphical programming tool For 7-16 year-old users


3D graphical programming tool For 7-16 year-old users

Editor Turtle

Python programming tool For users aged 12+

Future Classroom

Management system For coding teaching & learning


2D graphical programming tool for 7-16 years-old users

Kitten Editor is a graphics programming tool platform developed by Codemao. It can be used to create projects, such as stories, animations, games, music, and etc. Kitten Editor makes coding as simple as building blocks, and projects can be displayed synchronously on the phone

  • Share your work [ Display your project on cellphone ]
  • 2D drawing board [ Multi—frame animation maker ]
  • Music board [ A wide range of selection of instruments ]
  • Physics engine [ Simulation of the real world ]
  • Artificial intelligence blocks [ Create games like flappy bird ]
  • Real—time transformation [ Blocks built can be transformed into python and javascript ]

3D graphical programming tool For 7-16 year-old users

BOX is a 3D graphical programming tool which combines graphical coding and sandbox game. It can be used to construct buildings, create dazzling effects and design innovative games of various types.

  • Sandbox Terrains with matching skybox, such as plain and desert, make the game more beautiful, realistic, and playable.
  • 3D Builder A brand-new visual creation system for users to create their own 3d models, which can be put in the game with different scales and multi-frame animation effects.
  • DIY materials Users can create music or sound effects based on the models created in 3d builder, or upload local files.

Python programming tool For users aged 12+

Editor Turtle is a programming tool platform that supports editing Python code through building blocks. With the dual modes, users could write Python code directly and write Python code by building blocks, realizing the transition from graphical programming to Python programming.

  • Through graphical programming To learn data and computation; to understand data structure
  • Through systematic programming To learn knowledge related to network basis and information technology
  • Through hardware programming To learn knowledge of Internet of Things and design of open-source hardware

Management system For coding teaching & learning

  • Headmaster: Flexible and convenient management for teachers and students; objective analysis of school condition for scientific teaching strategy
  • Teacher: Having accesses to considerable materials and clear division of courses; making progress with other teachers in the community; creating dual—teacher mode with Al
  • Student: Online creation with quality resources; intelligent generation of study report; objective record of improvement
  • Student capability assessment Teaching coding in a space full of creativity; leading students to create independently with creative thinking; targeted process assessing for improvement.
  • Professional teacher training Online + offline teacher training; graphical coding teaching platform based on source editor; advanced and funny project—based teaching methods; Provide teachers with support for professional courses, textbooks, resources and IT assistance.
Interactive atmosphere for future creators and educators Creator: Interactive study between creators; official Q&A interaction for creators
Educator: Effective communication between educators or between the platform and educators
Closed loop process Whole-process support ---"Creation-release-share-interaction-feedback"
Creation & release: Works created through different tools will be managed and reviewed together
Tremendous works by users There are more than 200m+ users creating more than 200m+ coding works, based on which wide social and interactive information data is generated
Learning Interesting and intellective coding resource with timely updated coding lessons
Teaching A teaching management tool with a complete course resources center
Assessment Creative platform free and opening for all coding lessons suitable with it
Practicing After-school homework online review and comment Scientific analysis of teaching conditions
Management Setting up classrooms; Easy management of students projects

Open Class

Making good disciplinary games in accordance with syllabus to visaualize knowladge points in a fun way

Codemao Standard Kitten Editor Course

Kitten Editor Coding for Primary School to Lower Secondary School
Level 1 Kitten Editor Coding for Beginners 16 Lessons Codemao Standard Kitten Editor Course
Level 2 Kitten Editor Coding and Interdisciplinary Practice 16 Lessons
Kitten Editor Coding and Interaction Design 16 Lessons
Level 3 Kitten Editor Coding for Advanced Learners 16 Lessons
Kitten Editor Coding and Hardware Application 16 Lessons
Kitten Editor Coding and Smart Living 16 Lessons

Curriculum Structure

( Take Level 1 Kitten Editor Coding for Beginners as an Example )

Course Design Study Period Objectives
Learn about Kitten Editor 2 lessons Basic knowledge of Kitten Editor
4 Lessons Learn about the basic coding blocks
Learn to use -when clicked" , "wait", "looks", and "repeat" coding blocks
3 Lessons Learn about drawing board and music tool
Learn about Coding 3 Lessons Learn to create story-based project
Learn to use -when this sprite clicked" , "broadcast", "motion", and "dialogue" coding blocks
2 Lessons Learn to create tool-based projects
Learn to use "translating" and "sensing" coding blocks
2 Lessons Learn to create life-oriented projects
Leam to use the-central point" and "move to" coding blocks

Codemao Standard Python Course

Python Programming for Secondary School
Level 1 Python Programming for Beginners 16 Lessons Codemao Standard Python Course
Level 2 Python Programming for Advanced Learners 16 Lessons
Level 3 Python Programming and Hardware Application 16 Lessons
Creative Python Programming 16 Lessons

Curriculum Structure

( Take Level 1 Kitten Editor Coding for Beginners as an Example )

Course Design Study Period Objectives
Graphical Python 6 lessons Introduction to graphical python syntax
Learn to understand Turtle Editor, functions, variables, comments, and strings
4 Lessons Learn the basic application of graphical Mhon with the Turtle Library
Learn to understand libraries, instructions, lists, and the basic application of Turtle Library
Introduction to Logic 4 Lessons Learn the basic application of graphical python logic with the Turtle Library
Learn to understand traversal, loop structure and so on
2 Lessons Learn the advanced application of graphical python with the Turtle Library
Train comprehensively and learn to understand the logic with the visualization program


Education Institution

Codemaols Partner of STEM Education Program in Vietnam

The leading STEM education center in Vietnam has been Codemao's strategic parnter to develop the STEM Education Program

Codemao sets up Education Research Center in Finland

Su Hailan, ambassador of Finland to China visited the headquarters of Codemao to discuss the bi—directional cooperation with the company, including providing effective technology and content support for the Education Research Center in Finland. Codemao will combine Finnish quality education to create interesting and valuable coding courses for children.

METI (Japan) Visits Codemao

Officials from the Business Services Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METl), Japan and Ishizawa Yoshiharu Consul General of the Consulate—General of Japan in Guangzhou, visited the Headquarters of Codemao with an in—depth conversation on the current development of programming education for kids.

PionierGarage of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology visits Codemao headquarters

A group of 11 people from PionierGarage of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has made a special trip to the headquarters of Codemao to understand the company 's entrepreneurial experience and technical difficulties for more technical and business cooperation in the future.

Rights for Cooperation Educational Institutions

Teaching and technical support:

The back—end R&D technical team will help solve programming technology problems and other teaching—related issues in real time. The professional teaching and research team will provide guidance related to teaching and research.

Operation support:

Access to user resources of Codemao' s official website, official WeChat account, Online Mall App and other channels; Receive assistance from the company to expand enrollment channels.

Support of decoration and design:

To provide decoration and design reference to education institutions; the classrooms will be decorated and designed with standard Codemao school style.

Support of course training:

Free teacher training by Codemao headquarters; Training manuals, management account, remote technical support and online teaching communication available.

Brand support:

Approval to use genuine animation images of the company, including Codemao, Maolaozu, Leidianhou, Feitianzhu; Supplies of AR card, drawing books, dolls and other materials related to Codemao.

Mufti-dimensional activities:

International Youth Coding Competition; Online Summer Camp Coding Competition; Codemao Summer Camp and Winter Camp; Silicon Valley Study Tour and other offline activity supports.

Global School Cooperation

At present, Codemao has built partnership with 6500+ schools and organizations, covering the whole country of China, and countries in North America/Europe/Africa/Southeast Asia.

Market Data Highlights

Targeted countries and cities:

Southeast Asia: Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) North America: United States (California, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley) Europe: United Kingdom Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan (Taipei, New Taipei City)

Cases of School Cooperation - Codemao in U.S.

Codemao guides American high school students to develop career plans

Codemao was invited by Boys & Girls Club of America, a top 10 youth organization, to bring STEAM inspiration to students in the Bay Area. Kids participating in BGCA "After—school Program" would join the international volunteer team of Codemao, making contributions to the spreading of coding study into communities.

Codemao invited to Stanford China Education Forum

A group of famous professors in education led by Dan Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Education School, and practitioners of educational innovations from China and U.S. exchanged discussed how to promote the future of education through technology in the era of artificial intelligence at the forum. As one of the four sci-tech education companies frorr, China, Codemao exchanged ideas with and answered questions from Stanford advisors and EPIC representatives.