WekodeHUB is a coworking space that is specialized for FinTech. Collaborating with FinTech Singapore Association and Wekode Indonesia School of Programming.

We are located in Grand Kebon Sirih on the 9th Floor, officially open in 18 July 2019.

WekodeHUB will be a place for various activities, from seminars, workshops and also supporting entrepreneurs and business owners. We believe that connecting innovative and collaborative environment will lay down the foundations for a completely new way to work. Thus, we want to make it easy for anyone to find the right space and start to get their work done, and at the same time connect with like-minded individuals.

WekodeHUB is still in its startup phase, open every day from 9am to 5pm. The space has a hot table, private desk, private office, with accommodations for up to 52pax.

Friendly And Engaging Environment.

Comfy seats, Wi-Fi and beverages are added benefits to a friendly, engaging environment.

Strategic Central Location

The area is served by Gondangdia railway station. Being strategically located, many colonial buildings, old houses, landmarks, modern hotels and retails are built here.

Whiteboard And Widescreen TV

All of our facilities are equipped with whiteboards and widescreen TVs to help you get the most out of your meetings

Beautiful And Amazing View

Enjoy a taste of the beautiful and amazing view while you’re working or doing brainstorming on your exciting ideas.

Meeting And Conference Room

Our meeting and conference rooms provide a comfortable environment for you and your team to make the right calls

Thinking Room

Our smaller meeting rooms are designed for 8 people, conference room for 12 and our “thinking room” for gatherings up 10-15 people.

Wekode Ecosystem

An Ecosystem To Provide A Fintech Programming Course And Coworking Space For Indonesian Technopreneurs

We serve your business needs

Work in professional surroundings

High speed internet access

Create new opportunity to collaborate

Free flow refreshment


Spacious, unique common areas

Printing & Scanning

Onsite staff